July 05, 2013

Plan to Restore Philadelphia Waterfront Praised by AIA New York State

Potential development at Festival Pier, an area rich in history and anchored by substantial buildings and vibrant neighborhoods.

The Master Plan for the Central Delaware has received a 2013 Award of Excellence from AIA New York State. The goal of this 30-year plan is to transform this six-mile length of Philadelphia's Central Delaware River Waterfront into an authentic extension of the thriving city and vibrant neighborhoods immediately to its west, breathing life back into a post-industrial waterfront once at the heart of Philadelphia's economy.

Philadelphia is a city that is informal, innovative, proud, relaxed, walkable, resilient, and vibrant. The Master Plan outlines a phased strategy for bringing those qualities to the Delaware waterfront, creating region-serving amenities, and reconnecting the city's residents and visitors with a six-mile, 1,130-acre length of Philadelphia's Central Delaware River. The project will be presented at the AIA New York State annual convention September 25-27, 2013 in Syracuse, New York.  
Work on the Master Plan started in 2003 by the Philadelphia firm Wallace, Roberts & Todd, was picked up by Penn Praxis in 2005, and finalized in 2011 by a large team that included Cooper, Robertson & Partners, KieranTimberlake, and OLIN.