August 04, 2020

Celebrating New Principals, Associates

Top row, left to right: Jason Ciotti-Niebish (Principal), Zinat Yusfuzai (Principal), Jazz Graves (Associate). Middle row, left to right: Aracely Coronado (Associate), Brendan Miller (Associate), Ryan Wall (Associate). Bottom row, left to right: Fátima Olivieri-Martínez (Principal), Efrie Escott (Associate), Cooper G. Schilling (Principal).

We are pleased to announce the advancement of nine staff members to new positions within the firm, including four new principals, who will continue to question, explore, and improve the built environment.

These individuals demonstrate commitment to KieranTimberlake's practice and values, and advancement recognizes each person's extensive design and research experience and leadership qualities. The advancements include four new principals, and five new associates. 


Jason Ciotti-Niebish, AIA Jason is committed to leveraging our culture of inquiry to realize transformational architecture. Currently, he works on Carnegie Mellon University's Scaife Hall, which expands the School of Engineering with technology-rich labs and reestablishes a major campus gateway. He is also completing a new Student Innovation Center at Iowa State University, set to open this Fall. 
Fátima Olivieri-Martínez, AIA A native of Puerto Rico, Fátima is recognized for her leadership, practice, and service by AIA Philadelphia with the 2019 Young Architect Award. She currently works on 181 Mercer, a whole-block, multi-use building for New York University, where she leads design and construction for its large public spaces, including a 320-seat theater. 
Cooper G. Schilling, AIA Cooper is a seasoned professional who shares his expertise in technology and construction administration widely. He currently leads exterior design and construction administration for 181 Mercer. His technical knowledge has informed and advanced award-winning projects for Harvard University and the Pennsylvania State University. 
Zinat Yusufzai, AIA Zinat synthesizes complex environmental, aesthetic, and technical goals for projects, and mentors younger architects. Currently working on 181 Mercer, she leads design and construction administration for classrooms, student study, and dining spaces. Previously, she oversaw the ambitious sustainability strategies for the U.S. Embassy in London. 


Aracely Coronado Aracely facilitates all new business initiatives for the firm. With her expertise, the firm has won important, portfolio-expanding projects like the U.S. Embassy in London. Aracely has more than twenty years' experience in marketing for architects and engineers. 
Efrie Escott, AIA As a researcher and architect at KieranTimberlake, Efrie bridges the gap between data and design. She works on a range of architectural and software projects, including the firm's Tally® Life Cycle Assessment tool. She co-chairs AIA Philadelphia's Women in Architecture Committee and founded the Philadelphia Dynamo User Group. 
Jazz Graves, AIA Jazz brings a strong collaborative approach to deliver design solutions with ambitious technological and sustainability goals. Currently working on a residential master plan for Colby College, she also co-chairs the AIA Philadelphia Women in Architecture Committee. Dedicated to youth mentorship, she volunteers her time with the Spark Mentorship Program and PATINA. 
Brendan Miller, AIA Brendan transitions comfortably between project types, and currently serves as the project architect on Carnegie Mellon University's Scaife Hall, a new building to house the university's College of Engineering, including technology-rich labs. He maintains KieranTimberlake's BIM standards as part of an in-house team. 
Ryan Wall, AIA Ryan is a project architect for the Pennsylvania State University's Innovation Hub where she balances a tight schedule with a complex site. Ryan is also the Director of KTMS, KieranTimberlake's ISO-certified framework that provides oversight for the firm's internal management and quality assurance. 
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