October 10, 2022

Celebrating Firm Advancements

KieranTimberlake's six new Principals. Top row, left to right: Eli Allen, Christopher Connock, Jazz Graves. Bottom row, left to right: Jeremy Leman, Efrie Escott, Brendan Miller.

We are excited to announce the advancement of 14 staff members to leadership positions within the firm who will continue to question, explore, and improve the built environment.

These six new Principals and eight new Associates demonstrate exceptional commitment to KieranTimberlake's mission and values. Advancement recognizes each person's leadership qualities and extensive design and research experience. 

New Principals

Eli Allen, AIA Eli brings an ethos of methodical exploration and a drive to find latent possibilities in complex projects. Recently, Eli has been working on several overseas projects for the U.S. Department of State, including serving as Project Architect for the new U.S. Consulate in Curaçao.  
Christopher Connock As Design Computation Director at KieranTimberlake, Christopher explores topics such as generative and parametric design, application development, data visualization, immersive environments, and digital fabrication. He has applied this knowledge across a variety of projects including a sustainable multi-use building for New York University and an affordable, quick-to-build housing solution for India's emerging middle class.  
Efrie Escott, AIA Efrie explores topics related to materials and the environment in the Research Group at KieranTimberlake. She works with teams to translate data-driven research into building design and leads KieranTimberlake's sustainability task force. As a core member of the development team for Tally®, an award-winning BIM-integrated life cycle assessment tool, her research has been published in several internationally-recognized, peer-reviewed academic journals.  
Jazz Graves, AIA Jazz brings a strong collaborative approach to deliver design solutions with ambitious technological and sustainability goals. Recently, she worked on developing a residential master plan for Colby College, creating a vibrant and distinct living-learning community. Jazz co-chairs the AIA Philadelphia chapter of Women in Architecture where she leads programming that cultivates the development and leadership of women design professionals. 
Jeremy Leman, AIA Jeremy is a systemic thinker with a keen ability to integrate diverse aspects of a project into a coherent and identifiable whole. Jeremy brings an eye for design and detail, coupled with technical and construction expertise, and physical prototyping to produce thoughtful and award-winning works of architecture. He is helping to lead 2300 Market in Philadelphia, which redevelops historic loft buildings into a contemporary life science space. 
Brendan Miller, AIA Brendan's attention to detail fosters thoughtful resolutions to design and technical challenges. He is involved in KieranTimberlake's Building Information Modeling (BIM) Practices group, working to develop and maintain standards, guidelines, and best practices across the firm. Brendan is currently the Project Architect for Carnegie Mellon University's Scaife Hall of Engineering Building, where he led the design of the exterior envelope and is now overseeing construction.

New Associates

Philip Baraldi, AIA Philip evaluates experiential, ecological, and technical considerations to guide designs toward project goals. He is currently working on the redevelopment of Porthole Alley for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a mixed-use project including a welcome center at the threshold between campus and town. Previously, Philip saw through the completion of the North Campus Housing project at the University of Washington as project architect for Oak Hall. 
Brandon Cuffy, AIA Brandon is an architect and researcher advancing the ways in which computation can be integrated into work at KieranTimberlake. He coordinates research investigations across a variety of projects and uses his background in machine learning to explore novel methods of design practice. He also leads a number of community mentorship initiatives with Spark Philadelphia and Architecture in Education. 
Kit Elsworth As a member of KieranTimberlake's research group, Kit focuses on building performance through the lens of occupant comfort and building energy demand. He applies research to design and works with project teams to elevate holistic sustainability. Kit is a member of the AIA's 2030 Commitment Working Group and participates in Philadelphia's Green Building United Passive House Subcommittee. He is also a Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC). 
Katie Hunter A native New Yorker, Katie brings her experience in construction administration to the completion of 181 Mercer at New York University. She helps lead the final steps of coordination and punch listing for the ambitious full-block, multi-use project, with a focus on realizing high quality public and student life spaces. 
Patrick Morgan, AIA Patrick was recently the project architect on the award-winning UCSB Henley Hall and is comfortable transitioning between large government projects, such as the U.S Consulate in Curaçao, to smaller residential projects, like OpenHome. His appreciation for details in the larger design conversation continues with his teaching of Construction and Building Systems Integration at the University of Pennsylvania. 
David Rariden, AIA David has served as a project architect for a variety of institutional buildings and excels at solving unique environmental and contextual challenges. He is currently leading the construction effort on a design-build partnership for a new interdisciplinary engineering building at the University of Washington. 
Peter Salim, AIA Peter originally hails from Indonesia and brings a diverse perspective to his work. He is currently working on the University of Toronto Mississauga's New Science Building where he has carried the project from concept to construction. He also manages the firm's continuing education program and product updates.  
Jordan Teitelbaum, AIA Jordan has a reverence for design and detail, investigating the two through physical prototyping and continuous technical explorations. Jordan is currently working as an architect on a renovation and addition project at the Folger Shakespeare Library, and prior to that participated in the design of 181 Mercer, a multipurpose academic and residential building for New York University. 
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