June 20, 2019

Watch: Placemaking at the University of Washington

We're excited to announce the completion of the first phase of the University of Washington's North Campus Housing project! Designed in conjunction with landscape architect OLIN, this placemaking initiative connects a previously disjointed university district to the original campus core. In addition to providing much-needed student housing, the three new residence halls, the first of five planned for the North Campus, form a new University community defined by a network of intimate and memorable outdoor spaces.  
In this video, Partner Stephen Kieran and Associates Christopher Boskey and Melissa Clark discuss how the new buildings capture the classic Pacific Northwest landscape and the ways in which the architecture fosters a close-knit community.

June 14, 2019

Mütter Museum Announces Expansion Plans

Designed by KieranTimberlake, the College of Physicians of Philadelphia’s new master plan doubles the size of the existing Mütter Museum and provides space for an additional exhibit gallery and rare book display.

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia's $25 million renovation and expansion campaign was recently highlighted in The Philadelphia Inquirer.  
Best known as the home of the infamous Mütter Museum and its troves of medical oddities, the College is the oldest medical society in the United States. The centerpiece of its campaign, the largest in its history, are renovations and restoration work that will improve visitor experience and expand and reorganize the College's available space.  

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