May 30, 2017

Tally® Releases Submission Guide for LEED v4

Tally®, a Revit®-integrated Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) application developed in-house by KT Innovations, recently released a Submission Guide to help its users earn LEED v4 credits. The Submission Guide is a free resource that gives Tally users step-by-step instructions to help them document and submit for the LEED v4 Building Life Cycle Impact Reduction Credit, Option 4. Through this credit, users can earn up to five points for reducing the environmental impacts a building's materials and processes over its full life cycle.  
To learn more about Tally, or to download the free Submission Guide, click here.

May 09, 2017

Watch: Dynamic and Accessible Modeling

At KieranTimberlake, we use several mediums at one time to develop our designs. That means it's important for us to move between sketches, computer models, and physical prototypes with ease. We also want our entire team, including experts and non-experts alike, to engage with our digital models in order to derive insight from what they see and contribute to the design process. One of the tools we've tested to achieve this ideal collaboration and integration is Modelo, a web-based application for presenting 3D and virtual reality models. The results have been so positive that when the company asked us to share our experience with their product in a video, we were happy to oblige. 
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