Ryan Welch develops tools and workflows that guide data-driven design thinking.

Specializing in building performance, Ryan creates workflows and ways of envisioning data to solve architectural problems, primarily through the development of new software tools. His current projects include Roast, a customizable thermal comfort survey application, as well as Pointelist, a high-density wireless sensor network that provides real-time temperature and relative humidity measurements via a custom web application. Ryan is also the lead software, database, and user experience developer for Tally®, an LCA application that allows architects to calculate the environmental impact of building materials. Previously, Ryan worked with Rice University to develop a custom interactive dashboard that enabled the university to study master planning scenarios. He also led the development of custom digital workflows for the US Embassy in London.  
Ryan has taught architectural design at Cooper Union, Yale University, and Princeton University. He has also taught workshops with KieranTimberlake Partner Billie Faircloth at Harvard University, the University of Minnesota, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and the University of Pennsylvania. Ryan has lectured across the country and overseas at SimBuild, the Design Modeling Symposium, and the Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) Conference.