KieranTimberlake is a Just® Organization

We engage in a highly participatory process of education, reflection, critique, and action to guide our firm into the future. Over the years we have introduced a graded pay scale to eliminate systemic bias and discrepancy contributing to an industry-wide gender pay gap, as well as the potential for implicit bias in salary decisions. We've also instituted a Paid Family Leave program to support the health and wellness of families and held firmwide training sessions on diversity, inclusion, racism, and bias. 
Concurrently, we launched a program to question and examine our core practices through the lens of justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion. All staff members were invited to participate in four working groups to review and critique our hiring, staffing, and advancement practices; the consultants we work with; our clients and the work we pursue; and our internal policies. Extensive research, analysis, reflection, and recommendations by the groups are summarized in the following initiatives:  

  • Expanding our efforts to attract, retain, and promote historically marginalized groups within our organization.
  • Ensuring that our project teams are diverse and inclusive across race, ethnicity, gender, and experience.
  • Establishing a graded pay scale to eliminate systemic bias and discrepancy in salary decisions.
  • Implementing a Paid Family Leave program to help employees provide care.
  • Providing Flexible Work Arrangements to accommodate employees' different needs.
  • Identifying, supporting, and nurturing minority-owned, women-owned, and other disadvantaged businesses as partners critical to our success.
  • Seeking project opportunities that positively impact people and communities and working with clients who share our values of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Routinely reviewing our office policies to remove unintended bias in language and ensure that our policies support a just and inclusive workplace.

Part of our firm's strategic plan includes maintaining transparent policies across as much of our practice as feasible to encourage and enable discourse and improvement across the profession. The process of attaining the Just Label 2.0 was an important benchmarking and accountability exercise to ensure that we are planning and monitoring our progress. You can read about our policies in detail on the ILFI database here.