Christopher Connock's work leverages a deep understanding of building design and computation toward effective, agile, and imaginative design practices.

As Design Computation Director at KieranTimberlake, Christopher explores topics such as generative and parametric design, application development, data visualization, immersive environments, and digital fabrication. He has applied this knowledge across a variety of projects including a sustainable multi-use building for New York University and an affordable, quick-to-build housing solution for India's emerging middle class. Beyond the built environment, Christopher has developed an array of architectural software including Pointelist, a wireless sensor network, Tally®, a Life Cycle Assessment plugin for Revit, and Roast™, a customizable comfort survey app.  
Christopher has co-taught a research studio at the University of Pennsylvania and led workshops with Partner Billie Faircloth at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has lectured at Harvard University and Carnegie Mellon University, in addition to sitting on juries at Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of California Berkeley, and the University of Virginia. Christopher has also presented at multiple practice-based forums, most recently at the American Institute of Architects and Boston Society of Architects. He earned a Master of Architecture from Yale University and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia.