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Entry Level BIM Specialist

KieranTimberlake is seeking an entry level Building Information Modeling (BIM) Specialist to join our office. Comprised of 120 professionals with diverse backgrounds and abilities, our design practice is recognized worldwide. With equal emphasis placed on research and the built environment, our projects include the programming, planning, and design of master plans and new buildings; the conservation, renovation, and transformation of existing buildings; the development of application-specific environmental analysis and prediction tools; building and environmental monitoring; and novel building and envelope assemblies. We have special expertise in education, government, arts and culture, civic, and residential projects, but common to all our work is the principle that each project begins with a question and continues its development within a culture of research. By ensuring that design results from deep investigation, our transdisciplinary process inspires creativity and fosters a culture of sharing ideas, knowledge, and techniques.

Our design process uses BIM as information-rich models for design optioning, visualization, analysis, construction, and post occupancy evaluation. In this context, the BIM Specialist will focus on three primary areas of responsibility: BIM modeling and model integrity, developing BIM applications, and facilitating the use of BIM tools.  
BIM models are initiated in early design phases and their content and fidelity increase during the project delivery process. The BIM Specialist will help organize and author model geometry and information, assist in model coordination, management, and QA/QC efforts, and identify processes for improvement and innovation. The BIM Specialist will also work with architectural teams at key project delivery milestones to ensure effective BIM utilization and overall model integrity.  
The BIM Specialist will assist in developing BIM applications that automate a standard workflow or support a bespoke query. This development process includes identifying problems, creating tools and scripts, and testing and implementing new applications. The applications themselves may apply to topics such as model integrity, parametric modeling, immersive environments, digital fabrication, construction documentation, construction administration, or sensor data collection.  
Firm-wide, the use of BIM tools is supported through evolving best practices, BIM execution plans, BIM standards, and software training. Consequently, the BIM Specialist will facilitate teams' BIM use by creating BIM execution plans, organizing training sessions, and creating, organizing, and maintaining model content libraries. The BIM Specialist will also contribute to strategic planning and the evolution and maintenance of office processes and standards.  
The BIM Specialist is expected to be curious, ask questions, think strategically, and gracefully take and give direction on the use of BIM. Because he or she will help shape office-wide BIM discourse and practices, the BIM Specialist must also be able to work with others to prioritize current challenges and develop paths for implementation for both established and emerging BIM practices. Other responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:  

  • Advancing office-wide BIM use and elevating BIM literacy through ongoing discourse
  • Conducting BIM training for designers at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels
  • Stewarding BIM standards, tools, practices, and digital content libraries
  • Developing BIM-oriented digital tools and computational solutions for building projects
  • Identifying, tracking, assessing, and implementing emerging BIM modeling, simulation, and visualization tools and workflows
  • Collaborating with project teams on BIM practices across all project phases

The BIM Specialist will reside within the KieranTimberlake Research Group, a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary entity that requires its members to work well within a social environment. In addition to having excellent oral, written, and visual communication skills, Research Group members must effectively articulate questions, discuss their ideas publicly, and be active participants in brainstorming sessions. The successful candidate will have superb organizational skills as well as the demonstrated capacity to be a collaborative, detail-oriented problem solver with the intellectual nimbleness to work with information of which they are not an expert. Additionally, he or she will demonstrate the ability, confidence and desire to inquire about the limits of what's possible while seeking novel solutions to architectural problems. Other qualifications include:  

  • A degree in architecture or other design-related field
  • 2-3 years of experience using BIM for design or construction
  • Expertise in Revit, Rhino, and visual scripting software such as Dynamo and/or Grasshopper
  • Desire and ability to work in a fast-paced, rigorous, and collaborative environment
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize and meet deadlines when working independently or as part of a larger team
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Desire to empower others through process development and automation

Though not required, additional consideration will be given to individuals with experience using Revit API, web applications and Python programming language, database management and cross-platform data exchange, and web-based Revit collaboration platforms.

Submission Requirements 
Interested applicants should send the following via email attachment:  

  • A cover letter indicating your interest in the position
  • A current resume including references
  • A project portfolio

All materials should be formatted as a single PDF, addressed to Billie Faircloth, Research Director, and emailed to with “Entry Level BIM Specialist” in the subject line. The total size of the attached file(s) cannot exceed 10 MB. Please also include where you saw our job posting.  
This position reports to the Research Director and Partners of the firm. Salary is commensurate with education level, professional experience, and demonstrated knowledge, but a full benefits package including medical, prescription, dental, vision, and life will be offered. Due to the volume of interested applicants, we are not able to respond to telephone inquiries.  
Date posted: 03/21/2017 
KieranTimberlake is an equal-opportunity employer.