"That test bed became a way of evaluating view, transparency, coloration shifts, and the effect of frit on the glass in different layers."

– James Timberlake

8.2 Glass Evaluation Apparatus

How do different glass layups respond to daylight conditions in terms of transparency, color shift, view, and reflectivity?

We built a custom device for studying glass details under the same daylight conditions. Different glass samples exhibit varying reflectivity and color shift (samples are shown positioned in front of a model of a building interior).

8.3 Outer Envelope Aluminum Castings

Can we create a strong yet aesthetically minimal connection between the two curves of an outer envelope?

Manufacturer's cast aluminum prototypes for facade connectors used for a performance mockup testing.

8.4 Glass Stair Tread and Bridge

Will the opaque steel structure in an all-glass stair and bridge dramatically affect its transparency?

Full-scale manufacturer fabrication mockups evaluated the visual quality of all-glass guardrail connections.

These mockups each showed different pieces of the all-glass bridge and stair to provide a comprehensive view of the completed project.